Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

Supply chains can be a daunting task for any company, as they are constantly evolving. A traditional ERP system offers basic inventory management capabilities that many warehouses and distribution centres might have implemented to one degree or another;

As the business grow and expands its reach in multiples from time to time, this challenge increases exponentially - becoming almost impossible without an intelligence built into both what is being recorded in IT systems and how it's interpreted by those who will use this data later down-the-line when making decisions about where things should go next!

FalconWMS - an ideal enterprise grade

warehouse management system

that provides seamless visibility of inventory from the time it enters the warehouse until it leaves. Distribution centres benefit from its efficient order fulfilment, optimized resource orchestration and seamless integration with ERP’s.


Master Data

  • arrow-backSupplier
  • arrow-backCustomer
  • arrow-backAddress Book
  • arrow-backSKU
  • arrow-backUoM
  • arrow-backPurchase Order
  • arrow-backSales Orders
  • arrow-backTransfer Orders
  • arrow-backReturns
  • arrow-backBoM


  • arrow-backPO/Invoice / ASN based receipts
  • arrow-backBlind Receipts
  • arrow-backDigital Gate Entry Forms
  • arrow-backDock Sequencing/Assignment/ Release
  • arrow-backPalletisation/Cartonisation
  • arrow-backDigital Unloading Forms
  • arrow-backSystem Suggested Putaway
  • arrow-backGRN Confirmation
  • arrow-backCrossdocking
  • arrow-backInward Quality Control
  • arrow-backInward Discrepancy Capture


  • arrow-backSO/STO based Outbounds
  • arrow-backVehicle load based pick planning
  • arrow-backLoad based Invoice Generation
  • arrow-backDelivery site(s) based outbound planning
  • arrow-backVehicle Outbound Dock sequencing/Assignment
  • arrow-backDispatch note/Delivery challan


  • arrow-backBatch/Wave/Zone picking
  • arrow-backSLED/FEFo/FIFO/LIFO
  • arrow-backPick skipping
  • arrow-backBin/SKU audit log on pick skip

Sorting & Packing

  • arrow-backPincode based sorting
  • arrow-backPick-to-light
  • arrow-backAMR/AGV based sorting
  • arrow-backPack slip generation
  • arrow-backASN Manifest generation


  • arrow-backSerialized inventory tracking
  • arrow-backBatch/lot traceability
  • arrow-backInventory ageing control
  • arrow-backRule based inventory reservations
  • arrow-backMulti UoM conversions
  • arrow-backKitting/Dekitting

House Keeping

  • arrow-backPerpetual stock cycle count
  • arrow-backAuto correction of bin positioning
  • arrow-backMisc, Receipts (Scale down adjustment)
  • arrow-backStock Transfers
  • arrow-backBin-to-bin transfers
  • arrow-backBin Replenishment(Hot SKUs)
  • arrow-backBin Consolidations


  • arrow-backConfigurable 3PL billing
  • arrow-backVAS calculation
  • arrow-backGST/VAT based invoice
  • arrow-backMulti-currency

WES Integration

  • arrow-backResource orchestration
  • arrow-backOptimized Task execution
  • arrow-backReal time task monitoring
  • arrow-backoperations reporting

WCS Integration

  • arrow-backBarcode/RFID/BLE
  • arrow-backConveyor/Sorter
  • arrow-backVNA-Truck guidance
  • arrow-backPick to light
  • arrow-backVoice Picking
  • arrow-backDimensional Scanner
  • arrow-backTemperature/Humidity Probe
  • arrow-backGPS Tracker
  • arrow-backLocation based system

Value Added Services

  • arrow-backYard Mgmt
  • arrow-backLocation/Zone Mgmt
  • arrow-backBusiness Intelligence
  • arrow-backExtensive Reporting
  • arrow-backAudit Logs
  • arrow-back21SFR Part-1 Compliant
  • arrow-backAuto Alerts (Email/SMS)

Industries We Serve

Wholesale & Distribution Centres

The ever-increasing need to improve the level of customer service impacts the role of

Warehouse Management System

, as “warehousing” plays a key part in connecting the supplier and customer with the material flow by channelling materials from source to destination.

Wholesale and Distribution Centres have been put into challenging environments with factors such as - shrinkage in the length of supply chains with online stores mushrooming round the globe, supply chain operations extending globally, swift technological changes. This scenario probes companies to continuously improve their warehousing operations and to survive such demanding and challenging environments businesses need to rely on

WMS System.

Inventrax offers a complete end-to-end distributions center solutions using its state of the art

WMS Software

product - the FalconWMS Enterprise Suite, a well-researched and industry tested product which keeps a track of each of the tasks operated at your WH/DCs with advanced data capture support through Barcode/RFID. Our

warehouse management in india

helps in improving your

inventory warehouse management

accuracy from its existing level to 99% accuracy thereby helping businesses to maintain a balance between shortages and excesses of inventory. It also keeps track of the stocks at bin level.

Allow us a chance to leverage your profits, reduce your inventory/labor costs through our cutting edge

WMS Software

product, the


Enterprise Suite.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Management system

3PL providers are one of the key elements of the

warehouse supply chain

logistics environment and provide critical logistics services for companies seeking expertise in

inventory warehouse management


warehouse supply chain

logistics. Handling multiple clients in a variety of industries increases the level of complexity for accurate and operational efficiency. Inventrax 3PL

Warehouse Management System

helps the 3PL providers accommodate the needs of multiple customers with varying needs and businesses practices.

Inventrax 3PL

WMS Software

makes billing simple with an easy to use the configuration tool. 3PL providers can set up the base price model for various handling activates and accessories and can further customize the price on a Customer-to-Customer basis with rate configuration and discount tool. The billing setup then uses this information to create the billing schedule and executes the 3PL billing strategy automatically. Clients can be billed for recurring storage, initial split monthly storage, anniversary cycle and many more.

Aviation & Defence

A faster and proficient product flow ‘from’ and ‘to’ the

warehouse tracking system

is the prime requirement of businesses of any industry to get a competitive edge, and Aviation & Defence is no exception for this. The businesses involved in the manufacturing and aftermarket business of the Aviation & Defence industry are much more prone to this rule due to the shorter production but longer servicing cycles in this industry. Yet, for numerous reasons this industry hasn’t sped up in updating to sophisticated

warehouse management solution

leading to a lag in its process.

With abrupt failures at unexpected locations and critical AOG (Aircraft on Ground) situations, customer service in the Aviation & Defence industry becomes extremely critical. In situations like the above, an urgent and immediate overhaul of the broke down components must be achieved since the wait time is extremely limited as there is an urgency to get the aircraft back on the air at the earliest. Such high priority maintenances are short of time and lack the replaceable components for instant access. In such high demanding situations like these, there is a need for product traceability at the bin level to fasten up getting the needy materials to the maintenance location. Such fast flow of materials needs disciplined and efficient

warehouse tracking system

which gives a visual trace and keeps track of the product throughout the supply chain.

And to get such top-class product visibility throughout your supply chain, Inventrax offers you its one of a kind

warehouse management solution

WMS – The FalconWMS. The FalconWMS helps you out in maintaining the apt stock of the ultra-expensive components of the Aviation & Defence industry thereby eliminating the need of stockpile up thus decreasing your inventory costs. Allow us a free demo to let you know how many other ways our


could support you financially & operationally.

Food & Beverages

The Food & Beverage industry has a very high consumption rate and a quick turnover making it extremely important to keep the shelves well-stocked up round the clock, demanding continuous and consistent maintenance of the

inventory warehouse management

levels. Also, the shorter shelf lives and higher perishable rates of products in this industry makes it pertinent to have the live status of each product from the inventory stocks to withdraw the expired and overly stocked products thus maintaining fresh stocks at suff levels.

It’s due to the situations like above, the businesses involved in the Food & Beverage industry need to maintain a faster, flexible and much efficient warehousing compared to other industries. Traceability from Farm-to-Fork of the food materials are the current market requirements.

Inventrax offers


for the F&B industry which is compliant with international standards and rules such as GS1, BRC, IFS, FDA, HACCP, GMP, and General Food Law. Our

wms software

holds all the functions necessary for the preparation, packaging and identification (GS1 labelling, RFID) of food products.


With thousands of diverse components involved in automobile manufacturing as well as in its spares, product traceability holds a key role in the supply chain executions of the automobile industry. With complex assembly lines and numerous workstations, it takes efficient warehousing to make the right components readily available to the right workstation at the right time.

Active tracking of all the components irrespective of the size and weight needs good

warehouse management

. Businesses depending on manual or less sophisticated

warehouse management solution

will lose a lot in terms of inventory accuracy, supply chain visibility and fade their competitive advantage. An active

wms softwares

compensates in reversing such ill acts on businesses by offering complete control of one’s warehouse activities to the minutest detail.

Inventrax’s FalconWMS Enterprise offers businesses exactly what they need to convert their traditional warehousing methods to fully

automated warehouse management

right at your very palm. Our

wms software

will help you in keeping track of real-time inventory information and facilitates a smooth assembly line operation.

Pharma & Surgical

The global pharmaceutical and surgical products industry is increasing rapidly at a steadfast rate. Simultaneously on the rise are issues acting the industry like - counterfeit products, inventory inaccuracy, middlemen fraud and similar other issues which could tarnish the brand image of businesses and drive them to losses. In times like these, the industry players need a stronger watch throughout their

supply chain management system

to avoid such irregularities in the industry. This could be attained through an efficient supply chain mechanism which could counter the issues faced by the industry.

With a very complex

warehouse supply chain

and products change ownership a lot many times by the time they reach the customer. And this gap between production & procurement gives scope to counterfeit products. This is where ‘Serialization’ plays a crucial role in keeping a safe counterfeit-free supply chain for the safety of the patients using the products.

‘Drug Pedigree Tracking’ offers a safer travel of the product throughout the

warehouse supply chain

and makes sure of the authenticity of the products reached to the consumers. Similarly, lot mixing could affect drug traceability which can be countered by ‘Lot Tracking’.An efficient delivery
execution system
must be featured with such beneficial aspects as mentioned above.

Proficient ‘Batch and Serial traceability’ gives an efficient ‘track & trace’ of the product. ‘Product traceability’ of each product is a must at every level of the

warehouse supply chain

with its very own unique serial number to maintain inventories at desired levels rather than keeping them low or high.


supply chain execution system

, FalconWMS a contemporary solution offering the best traceability, comprises of all the above-discussed features and a lot more, for a safer and productive pharma and surgical

supply chain management system


Through our high-end traceability means using advanced auto data capture techniques such as barcode and radio-frequency identification (RFID) a complete material flow could be traced at every movement of its

warehouse supply chain

right from production through delivery. This gives no scope for counterfeits or any sort of fraud, as each of the product’s movement is tracked digitally. Further, the live status of your inventory could be shared with the needed, offering visibility of the same. Other benefits include eliminating lot mixing, spotting expired products and stopping their movement out of the warehouse for shipment.


Modern times have witnessed a steep paradigm shift at the agro-business outlook. With the advent of ever-increasing diverse foodborne diseases & contemporary buying behaviour demanding nutraceutical foods from across borders, new-gen consumers around the globe have become very much cautious of the quality and safety of food demanding traceability info. of food with regards to its origins. Such demanding situations made ‘traceability’ a critical element in global agro-business and have forced immense responsibility on different stakeholders of the industry like farmers, post-harvest processors, middlemen etc., to provide transparency in food traceability.

A competent
supply chain execution
and traceability are needed to live up to such high industry demands, which is where Inventrax helps businesses in achieving the industry demand and well-organized

warehouse management system

for the agro-industry with its cutting edge WMS – the


. Our

wms software

helps in both backward & forward traceability of the products ensuring safe and qualitative products to consumers. While backward traceability exhibits the original producer & other real-time info. to the consumer, forward traceability enables product tracing in times of its safety and quality challenges. The FalconWMS supports global data capture standards such as GS1 barcodes and RFIDs (GTINs and GLNs).

Allow us a free demo to make a difference in your existing

warehouse supply chain

patterns, profiting you over many existing costs.

Benefits of FalconWMS

Customer Satisfaction

Having the right product at the right time and place increases sales and allows companies to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by reducing short ships, shipping errors, and missed deliveries.

Space Utilization

By automating location management and defining putaway, pick strategies optimizes product storage using rules established for the facility. Better product organization yields space savings.

Inventory Accuracy

Provide visibility to real-time inventory to gain
warehouse inventory
and warehouse accuracy and reduce safety stock levels, eliminate lost product and reduce overstocks.

Shipment Accuracy

Eliminate the potential for shipping mistakes by providing an accurate way to pick orders by scanning the barcodes and verifying the product being picked.

Lower Holding Costs

A lower cost per order, increased storage capacity within the centre, reduced freight costs, and improved service levels results in overall reduced fulfilment costs.

Inventory Visibility

A centralized global view of
warehouse inventory
allows managers to view the movement of their inventory and ascertain the accuracy of all inbound activity, inventory on hand, and outbound shipments across all facilities in real time.

Resource Optimization

Operations thru mobility devices with Workflow-based environment will help improving better utilization of manpower and machines with real-time performance insights on

warehouse inventory
warehouse automation
and workforce.

Improve Order fulfilment

Better Order planning with location management and accurate picking using real time HHT, RFID and voice will improve your order fulfilment cycles and improves credibility.

Reduce Sales Returns

By implementing and automating smart pick process with Barcode, HHT, RFID and Voice you can now deliver on-time and accurate items, which will help reducing your returns.

Higher Customer Retentions

Integrate with Customer’s and their supplier’s systems & processes to provide real time ordering process with
warehouse inventory
visibility will help retain your customers.

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