Falcon Warehouse Management System (FWMS) Is an enterprise grade advanced warehouse management software that provides seamless visibility of inventory from the time it enters the warehouse until it leaves the facility. FalconWMS focuses on increasing productivity, maximizing efficiency, improving inventory accuracy and reducing costs. With its low TCO compared to its peers, FalconWMS delivers a quick ROI.

It supports multi-site warehousing using Barcode and Radio Frequency (RF) technologies. This suite covers all significant warehousing activities such as receiving, putaway, inventory management, multi-UoM conversions, cycle count, kitting, order fulfillment, quality control, location planning along with picking, checking, packing and shipping.


Our clients credit us for our breakthrough technology in the automation industry.

I would recommend FalconWMS to any DC or Retailer because the WMS has been consistently reliable with our vast range of products and high stock holding. It has improved our productivity across the entire operation. Working with the Inventrax team has been a great journey.


We appreciate that every industry has its own unique challenges, from highly acute accuracy in the supply chain to on-time shipping and deliveries. We can finely tailor our solutions, technology, and processes to meet the specific needs of complex industries.

Key Benefits of Our Solution

Inventrax products effectively address the track and traceability needs of industry by closing the information gaps that exist in disparate ERP's.


Improved inventory

Improved inventory visibility and accuracy allows for greater planning and control


Resource Optimization

Optimize resources in terms of manpower, equipment and warehouse space utilization


Efficient order processing

Efficient order processing thru optimized pick paths


RF technologies

Error free auto data capture with barcode and RF technologies


Purchase Control

Controlling purchase from the material flow and ageing analysis



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Order Fulfilment/Speed

Improved order fulfillment, accuracy and speed


Replenishment alerts

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Synchronized data

Real-time event based integration with ERP’s for synchronized data


Floor Planing

Quick view of floor plans with aisle, rack, bay and bins and real-time inventory data through virtual warehouse