Equip your warehouse with Falcon WCS to control the automation

Addition of automation in our client’s warehouses is a good way to lower costs and reaching their expected demands. For maximum utilization of highly equipped material handling systems in warehouse, also requires software systems which can handle the complex decision – making logic. Such as Falcon warehouse control system.

Warehouse management is performed on different levels. While a warehouse management system (WMS) is the brain of the warehouse, continuously steering the movement and storage of the goods, the warehouse control (WCS) system manage how tasks are performed, e.g. by cranes, picking stations and other types of automation equipment. Which acts as cop.

If the automation is not a complex process and mostly manual processes in your warehouse then solely WMS is sufficient to fulfil the warehouse requirements. But automation provided by different types of vendors and the more complex solution, the more you will need WCS. Which acts cop in directing accurate equipment to perform the task

Falcon WCS makes warehouse control easy

Falcon WCS manage mixed materials flows of individual items, cases and pallets within goods handling automation, through functions like:

Falcon WCS has a plug – in architecture that integrates with all modern goods handling automation equipment. This gives you the freedom to choose handling automation from any vendor. And avoid being tied up with one vendor if you want to expand your goods handling automation with equipment from other suppliers.

  • 1 Connection to automation equipment.
  • 2 Routing in automated areas.
  • 3 Orchestrating automated solutions.
  • 4 Control tracking and auditing.
  • 5 Real–time data collection and query solutions.
  • 6 Real–time status and user input.
Our clients credit us for our breakthrough technology in the automation industry.

The most positive impact the FalconWMS Solution has had on our business, is the fact that we have been able to scale to where we intended to and will be able to keep growing further without the need to change.