How TransCrate Logistics has improved their 3PL warehouse management and picking accuracy to 98%?


“TransCrate International Logistics”, formerly known as Kuwait International Removals Co. W.L.L, has grown into an outstanding corporation that offers total logistics management and third party logistics services to the customers across UAE. Right from sourcing raw material to delivery of final product to customer, TransCrate caters to the Middle Eastern market with End-to-End Logistics.

Business Situation

Prior to implementing FalconWMS, TransCrate had hard time to keep up with the demand using their paper-based order picking process, no real time inventory visibility and product tracking capabilities that a WMS could provide to meet increased demand for their growing number of operations.

As a result, the company had thought to discard its homegrown, largely paper-based manual approaches and decided the time was right to invest in top-tier Warehouse Management System (WMS) software.

Key Challenges

Prior to implementing FalconWMS, TransCrate has faced with key challenges including

  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Space Optimization
  • Poor Operator Performance
  • Manual Inventory Handling
  • Obsolete Dispatch Mechanisms
  • Unavailability of real time data

The Solution

While TransCrate had been using traditional manual business approaches for long, the company later recognized that it needed a better, best of breed, warehouse management system (WMS) to underpin the levels of performance and accuracy required to deliver a full 3PL offering in a highly competitive environment.

TransCrate therefore selected the Inventrax’s flagship product FalconWMS to help them achieve this.

Solution Provided

By integrating logistics operations in TransCrate with FalconWMS software has resulted in significant improvements to inventory visibility and an improved order fulfillment process with.

  • Increased market responsiveness
  • Ability to quickly onboard new 3PL customers
  • Reduced client onboarding time with flexible configuration wizard
  • Support for multiple languages with minimal training
  • Order accuracy has increased to 99.3%
  • Increased Productivity with decreasing time-to-pick

Benefits Delivered

By streamlining and future-proofing the operation, Inventrax has delivered major time and cost saving benefits, far exceeding the cost of the system with

  • Increasing order picking accuracy
  • Improving pallet sequencing has reduced manual processes
  • Optimized Warehouse Space
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Speed of implementation with a cloud deployed system that can be easily configured site by site and implementation efforts.
  • Flexibility with the ability to choose only the functionality needed on a customer by customer or site by site basis.
  • Visibility with a real-time, end-to-end supply chain system with data that can be used to identify meaningful trends