How IndAuto is addressing several key operational challenges in their production lines with a robust Production Control System.


“IndAuto Group”, is a manufacturing company for handling three verticals of Filter, Polymer and Retail. IndAuto has a facility with over 600kg/hr tape plant with a supporting loom facility which has eight, six and four shuttle looms. The unit also has a supporting lamination plant, cutting and finishing section all under one roof of 60,000sq ft. The unit currently employs over 400 people.

Business Situation

Being a manufacturer of automotive filters and polymers. IndAuto group needed to ensure the highest possible quality while manufacturing the products.

IndAuto has been facing lot of gaps between their shop floor & other departments like engineering, production, purchasing and stores for material and information access across various departments.

Key Challenges

Prior to implementing FalconPCS, IndAuto has faced with key challenges including

  • Poor Workstation Efficiency
  • Unavailability of Job order data
  • Improper Routing Mechanisms
  • Poor Operator Performance
  • Obsolete Dispatch Mechanisms
  • Lack of Material Traceability across the production lines

The Solution

IndAuto identified the need of a flexible shop floor automation solution that will help in control costs and optimize production up-time, optimized throughput and maximized equipment use.

From its business perspective, IndAuto has been probing out for a solution which provides foundation for root cause analysis, complete tracking and traceability of its materials, processes and final products, which will lead to increase in manufacturing yields, streamline procurement and reduce labor & material costs.

Solution Provided

Inventrax implemented a sophisticated Production Control System (FalconPCS) with combination of its Flagship Products- FalconSFT and FalconWMS to enable complete tracking at every step throughout production, raw material and work in process.

FalconPCS provides real time data and control on shop floor activities, capture process data, operator timings and monitor real-time production status. It also validates material and process flow, captures quality parameters and hence make a production control more efficient. In this way, if a defect is uncovered, the impacted product can be quickly identified and quarantined.

  • Ability to respond rapidly to interruptions in execution
  • Repeatable production planning processes that improve efficiency
  • Eliminate wastages throughout production, checks for –machine, material, worker, tool availability.
  • Paperless job card traveler, role based, workstation specific, operation/activity level controls.

Benefits Delivered

Inventrax has implemented a scalable Production Control System to force quality and traceability by identifying all material and every machine throughout production lines. Tracking of product’s complete genealogy.

  • Reduced cycle times and customer response times
  • Decreased inventory levels
  • Increased throughput
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Quality control plan refined through better data
  • Complete genealogy created for each product
  • Machine control charting to eliminate future downtime
  • Plant OEE reporting for decisions based on live plant data