Supply chain complexity combined with demand volatility led @Home to a solution that can dynamically align demand and supply, and enable faster response to fluctuating demand.


“@home”, the Mega Home Store Retail Chain, is a Leading Retail distribution subsidiary for Nilkamal Industries engaged in the distribution of plastics, furniture and retail sales. Operating in segments of Plastics, which includes injection molded plastic articles, polymers and others; Lifestyle Furniture, Furnishings & Accessories, which includes home furniture, and accessories, and others.

Business Situation

@Home stocks over 80,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) in their 1,000,000 Sq.Ft of warehouse, all of which are delivered on mixed pallets, cartons or individually. Every time they had to visually identify each item and check it against the delivery note which was taking up a great deal of time and leading to a lot of miscounts.

Prior to implementing FalconWMS, all of @Home’s Warehouse & Inventory control was carried out via their SAP Retail ERP system using paper-based processes. Down the lane, @Home experienced strong sales growth requiring higher efficiency through their DC’s to keep pace with growing demand, they understood that they were in need of process modernization and a scalable WMS solution to increase the efficiencies.

Key Challenges

Prior to implementing FalconWMS, @Home has faced with key challenges including

  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Space Optimization
  • Poor Operator Performance
  • Manual Inventory Handling
  • Obsolete Dispatch Mechanisms
  • Unavailability of real time data

The Solution

Since they were growing so quickly as a business, they needed a warehouse management system that could help them scale up and cope with the demand while maintaining great customer service and most importantly that the WMS system could easily integrate with their existing IT environment.

FalconWMS has become the warehouse management system that was able to provide just all of that @Home selected FalconWMS for its flexibility to support their dynamic business model and commitment to continuous improvement.

Solution Provided

Inventrax implemented FalconWMS with two major goals to streamline operations and increase overall productivity, with focus on order flexibility, picking efficiencies and faster conveyor transactions.

  • Real Time Integration with dual SAP Landscapes (SAP R3 and SAP Retail)
  • Enhanced operations with complete end-to-end visibility
  • Adaptable workflow mechanism built for continuous process improvements
  • Tightly coupled integration with Conveyors, Sorters and other ADC systems
  • Pick routes tailored to unique order profiles Increased Productivity
  • Real time analytics and KPI’s to create additional supply chain opportunities

Benefits Delivered

Today, the @Home DC warehouse in Uran, Mumbai. Operates as a state-of-the-art with automated conveyor, and sorters integrated to the WMS. In the first thirty days after going live, @Home performed more configuration changes with major process optimizations led to benefits like

  • Better Warehouse space utilization
  • Rapid, dynamic user-control configuration changes
  • Increased speed of automated conveyor processing
  • Reduced operational and labor costs
  • Automated Vehicle Load Planning
  • Improved Quality kitting
  • Product and lot # tracking