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Business Consultation

Inventrax takes pride in the approach of our assignments to ensure an optimized yet productive supply chain strategy and solution provided to our valuable clients.

Today’s market is demand-based, where most of the businesses are focused on meeting customer demands which keep on changing from time to time. If the companies are not able to meet their customer demands, then they need to look at their supply chain structure.

Inventrax focuses on structuring the unstructured supply chain of its clients and helps them keeping up with the customer's demand.

For any supply chain to wreak havoc, decisions made by its supply chain members need to check, like:

  • Right Mark Increased customer satisfaction
  • Right Mark Better regulation compliance
  • Right Mark Improved visibility of supply chain
  • Right Mark Decreased manufacturing cycle time
  • Right Mark Reduced-order lead time
  • Right Mark Reduced labor costs
  • Right Mark Increased equipment efficiency

Inventrax focuses on these decisions and comes up with solution where it benefits the clients’ interests and their customers.

Our services include:

  • Right Mark Change management
  • Right Mark Inventory optimization.
  • Right Mark Network and production design.
  • Right Mark Supply chain assessment.
  • Right Mark Supply chain visibility.
  • Right Mark Process design and IT – systems
  • Right Mark Operations audit.
Business Consultation

Our clients credit us for our breakthrough technology in the automation industry.

Inventrax has made our day to day stockroom operations extremely light-footed and simple with constant information from the stores, the best part about FalconWMS is its natural UI that made our store administrators interact with the framework simpler way.

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Leverage your IT with our Operartional Technology (OT) convergence platform.

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