We Are Resilient: In Managing Supply Chains Through Disruptions!

COVID-19 pandemic has created a significant impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of global supply chain systems, along with exposing a myriad of cracks in the systems that companies have been optimizing for a decade.

The global, multi-tiered setup of today\’s supply chains has allowed for tremendous amounts of bottlenecks and roadblocks to be brought in with the pandemic. Without proper tools and technologies in place, organizations are carrying the direct consequences of their supply chain breakdowns aggravated by trade restrictions.

As the global pandemic continues to manifest itself into its potential size, the aftereffects of the same shall be seen for much longer than anticipated. On one hand, it is forcing organizations to embrace digital technologies and on the other, it has created severe cash-flow challenges.

Organizations need a new approach to manage risk and build long-term resilience within the value chain to manage such future challenges. To achieve this, those at the helm of driving digitization for large organizations should take a holistic approach and develop robust frameworks that encompass a responsive and resilient risk management operations capability, which should be technologically led to enable end-to-end transparency across the supply chain.

Inventrax has the right Technology and expertise in Digital Transformation to help organizations manage risks and build long-term resilience within the value chain to manage such future challenges. Our Resilient Supply Chain Framework is characterized by four key pillars that balance risk and costs to recover quickly from risk-related disruptions, economic shocks and uncertainties.

Handling more loads than ever during the ongoing pandemic. Inventrax has been onboarding customers in Uganda, passing the Middle East till the far-east islands on Indonesia and supporting them to consistently supply goods and services quickly, safely, and securely even during this time of global lockdowns. 

This COVID is new learning for Inventrax and our hard work paid. We are Resilient! So, are our products supporting the continuous supply of essential FMCG, life science medical equipment to hospitals, and the critical aerospace spares.

And most of all, this happened with consistent efforts from the “Beautiful Homes of Our Employees”.

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