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“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning, A win for our PARTNER is a win for Us.”

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Inventrax believes in strategic partnership that are vital in its customer, partner and its own success. We work closely with our partner network to provide the best traceability solutions to our customers. As a result, Inventrax customers gain access to best-of-breed solutions, lower total cost of ownership, proven integrations to existing enterprise systems and support for innovative services that deliver global agility.

Our Partnership Opportunities

Channel / VAR Partners

Channel partners, including distributors, resellers, and referral partners, sell Inventrax solutions and implement Inventrax software around the globe, helping us expand our footprint.

Solutions Partners

Original Equipment Manufacturer, Independent Software Vendors and Interface developers that partner with Inventrax to provide complimentary software solutions that add value to Inventrax solutions across industries.

Technology Partners

Technology partners that provide hardware platforms, operating environment, enterprise storage systems, networks, databases, or mobile devices optimized for Inventrax software.

Service Partners

IT Services and consulting partners offering system integration services that bring Inventrax solutions together with other system components for an end-to-end solutions. Partners that supplement Inventrax direct consulting services to support our customers in specific regions and across the globe.


Leverage your IT with our Operartional Technology (OT) convergence platform.

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