About Us

Creating a More Connected, Collaborative Supply Chains!

Who we are :

Inventrax is the leading-edge digital supply chain product engineering company that empowers businesses to ideate, plan, execute and manage their value chains for better optimization and fulfilment of their customer demands.

Inventrax's Information Technology(IT) and Operation Technology(OT) convergence platform enables companies in achieving productivity, efficiency and traceability with lean manufacturing and distribution practices

What we do :

Our Process

  • We Trail

    During this phase, We transform the approved idea into a prototype. Prototyping is rough portion of the solution design, as it is better to start with getting checked rather than ending up getting choked.

  • We Deploy

    Finally, We deploy the perfectly carved solution to make our clients happy

  • We Improvise

    Once our solutions are Live in action, We bring out more meaningful metrics and improve your supply chain performance to deliver Lasting business value

  • We Empathize

    During this phase, we immerse to interact with the clients and conduct research for developing understandings as a springboard, as we begin to address the challenges.

  • We Define

    During this phase, We as a team focus on becoming aware of client's need to insights. With user + need + insight = we produce solution about how to make changes that will have an impact on peopLe's experiences

  • We Ideate

    During this critical phase, On gathering all facts, features, requirements, we brainstorm with our expert team for a myriad of ideas to identify the impossible and the possible.

Our Principles


Be among the foremost product development enterprises in value chain transformation.


Help the clients win their digital future by desiging and building next generation value chain IT

Product Positioning

Our product positioning is based on credibility, clarity, consistency and competitiveness

Key Benefits of Our Solution

Increase Product Safety Standards

Increase Product Safety Standards

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Increase Operational Transparency

Increase Operational Transparency

Improve Data Accuracy

Improve Data Accuracy

Meet government and compliance mandates

Meet government and compliance mandates

Reduce Non-Conformance and Customer Recalls

Reduce Non-Conformance and Customer Recalls


Leverage your IT with our Operational Technology (OT) convergence platform.

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