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smartAPS is a flexible production scheduling software that generates precise production schedules based on the operation, resource and capacity data configuration. It helps production planners with swift schedule calculations with changes in configuration on ‘What -If’ cases. smartAPS considers material constraints and production status of running jobs while calculating new job schedules. This allows to reschedule all the jobs in case of any changes that occur abruptly during production.

Built on the combination of powerful heuristic and optimization algorithms this tool deliver results with high accuracy and speed.

smartAPS focuses on Aviation & Defence, Food & Beverages, Electrical & Electronics Assembly, Automobile, Medical Device Manufacturing industries.
Key Benefits
  • Gain complete visibility into planning and production
  • Increase revenues with reduced lead times
  • Responds to changes quickly and efficiently
  • Create accurate and realistic delivery schedules that creates better customer reliability
  • Increase plant capacity with optimized utilization of manpower and machinery