How a largest medical distributor got successful in cutting down the picking errors by 80% with implementing a WMS solution?


“Advanced Technology Company (KSC)”, started operations in 1981 as a medical equipment supplier to the Kuwait healthcare sector. Today, ATC has established itself as the leading end-to-end total healthcare solutions provider capable of delivering over 95% of a hospital's requirement in the Middle Eastern market with employs over 1,590 people. In addition to robust operations, The Company has over 45% market share of the Kuwait medical equipment sector ranging from sophisticated equipment to hospital sundries.

Business Situation

ATC wanted to increase customer service capabilities to keep up with the needs of their growing distribution base. Their plan was to improve real time inventory visibility and increase efficiency in warehouse and distribution operations which they are not able to attain with their current ERP System.

The company needed a better IT system to enhance their capacity utilization and picking efficiencies, support for multiple verticals, hardware devices, VAS and scalability. In addition, they needed a document tracking solution to manage the challenges in handling their high valued documentation from specific departments for distribution and related reverse logistics.

Key Challenges

Prior to implementing FalconWMS, TransCrate has faced with key challenges including

  • Inventory Visibility and Accuracy
  • Improper Picking System
  • Uninformed Inventory Ageing
  • Space Optimization
  • Poor Operator Performance

The Solution

ATC selected Inventrax to implement the FalconWMS based on its proven market track record. The company has 10 DCs across Kuwait. They handle 144459+ SKUs through pallet, case or piece pick.

After a through business analysis with all fronts of departments, ATC concluded to fully automate and optimize their storage and distribution operations from end-to-end for faster fulfillment and real time visibility which they intended to achieve with FalconWMS.

Solution Offered

Inventrax has deployed its robust FalconWMS is with multi-rostrum technology, micro level inventory visibility and control capabilities for other areas such as picking by zones for medicines/equipment, tools and surgical items used in hospitals. In addition, ATC gained capabilities for custom distribution services to customers with a more centralized distribution network across the Middle East.

  • Strategic Implementation Timeline of 3 Weeks
  • Real Time Dual Integration with Trackline ERP and SAP-ERP
  • Centralized System handling multiple storage and distribution units
  • Improved product slotting and pick path optimization strategies
  • Adaptable workflow mechanism built for continuous process improvements
  • Tightly coupled integration with Material Handling equipment and other ADC systems

Benefits Delivered

FalconWMS provided significant gains to ATC in terms of capabilities, efficiency and performance that boosted their ability to conquest with.

  • Streamlined operations in the every zone of the Warehouses
  • Improved inventory accuracy and automated cycle counting processes
  • Optimized Warehouse Space & Putaway Mechanisms
  • Stringent Quality Modules to restrict discrepant SKU’s
  • Increased Labor Productivity
  • Achieved significant improvement in distribution throughput
  • Visibility with a real-time, end-to-end supply chain system with data that can be used to identify meaningful trends