This demo will let you access Inventrax product, its functionality, features and usability to assess and help your decision making of choosing the product.
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What if you could get all of your WMS on your own smart device without having to move around the warehouse carrying ruggedized handheld devices avoiding their inconvenient and uncomfortable handling? Well!! Smart apps of WMS are doing just that!!

Inventrax offers you a WMS app compatible with your smart device which not only includes all the below mentioned benefits but also a lot more.

Inventrax covers the length and breadth of all your warehouse operations on your smartphone. Our Smart WMS composes the usage of wireless barcode scanners, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and much more making it a powerful tool to invest in. Barcode and RFID add-ons helps you receive, issue and transfer material from your smartphone. Besides the store activities, smart warehouse sends alert updates of every key activity in the store in real-time.

So, avoid hefty investments on bulkier equipment and switch to Inventrax Smart WMS to experience huge cost savings and a better financial state of mind.

Key Benefits
  • Saves ample time
    By adopting smart devices, businesses can avoid the hassle of training the employees on the usage of hand held WMS devices, as everyone is already well versed with the usage of smart devices in daily life. This saves loads of productive time.
  • Reduces cost
    Use of smart mobile devices lowers the investment cost on WMS’s hardware i.e. mobile hand held devices of the WMS. Investment on smart devices wouldn’t extend 10% of the total cost incurred on handheld WMS devices.
  • Better decisive power to warehouse managers
    Usage of the WMS on smart devices makes the required information readily available to the managers at their fingertips, to make quick and accurate decisions without having to wait for printed data.
  • Easy and cost efficient upgrades
    Even upgrades of the smart devices are simple and could be done on the same device compared to the upgrades of the handheld devices which require a product replacement as part of upgrading them.
  • Ease of use
    Rather than making the users feel that they are being introduced to some new complicated and sturdy technology with the use of WMS through handheld devices, using WMS on their devices makes them feel much convenient since they tend to use even more complicated softwares for their personal use in their daily lives.
  • Comfortable usage
    Warehousing activities are pretty exhausting and rushing around the warehouse with bulky hand held devices for their WMS activities could be very uncomfortable and inconvenient. With smart devices fitting easily into palms and pockets, it makes handling and using them an effortless chore to the users even in such high exhausting environment.