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Though the role of WMS and the importance of deploying it can’t be denied in maximizing the performance of businesses, setting it up could be a hectic task financially and technically.

Setting up a new WMS incurs varied investments since it needs to sync with the other key business systems of the organization. Some of the investments include costs payable to the WMS service provider for the software licenses, upgrades, maintenance, server and other infrastructure. Apart from such hefty set up costs, ‘on-premise WMS’ takes longer lead times.

Big and established players of an industry could anyhow afford ‘on-premise WMS’ deployment, but it’s the smaller players who are running the show for the WMS market in spite of their budgetary constraints. SMBs around the globe have been implementing WMS to advance their businesses and get ahead of the competition irrespective of the huge costs involved. However, such heavy investment requirement for the deployment of ‘on-premise WMS’ would be a burden on SMBs and challenge their affordability since SMBs have a need to find ways to cut their costs in all possible ways due to their limited resources.

So, the best alternative for SMBs or businesses deciding to deploy ‘on-premise WMS’ is SaaS WMS, which saves businesses from making huge investments on required infrastructure, software and the most important investments of all – time.

The cloud based SaaS WMS proves to be cost effective compared to ‘on-premise WMS’ since it avoids huge expenditure on acquiring initial software licenses and recurring costs in maintaining and upgrading them. Businesses are freed from the hassles of investing heavily on intricate technical infrastructure and maintaining them, since all the cumbersome technical processes would be taken care by the SaaS WMS provider at their own campus. The most important beneficial aspects of all, in going for a Cloud based SaaS WMS is the shortest run time it takes to go live, that too without interrupting the business’s ongoing warehousing activities.

Inventrax offers you such hassle free Warehouse Management Software as a fully managed Software as a Service (SaaS) on Cloud, with literally no capital expenditure such as run-away software licenses, application hosting server infrastructure, its maintenance teams and annually maintenance costs. Inventrax offers its customers SaaS WMS on eminent cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure & Amazon Web Services for a simple utility based monthly fee.

Inventrax gifts you the freedom of forgetting about the SaaS WMS running in your business as we take care of all the concerned activities, allowing you all of your precious time to invest in your core competencies.