Manufacturing Execution System

FalconSFT is a shop floor tracking software that allows a manufacturing unit to have control on shop floor activities, capture process data and monitor real-time production status. This tool validates material and process flow, captures quality parameters and hence make a production control more efficient.

FalconSFT can also be interpreted as a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that helps resource planning and optimization based on real-time data.


Key benefits
  • 1Effective management and real-time visibility of shop floor activities
  • 2Increase yield along with product quality
  • 3Improve operator and machinery efficiencies
  • 4Efficient Non-Conformance Management
  • 5Electronically captures and tracks detailed engineering and operational data
  • 6Eliminate wastages throughout production, checks for – machine, material, worker, tool availability
  • 7Paperless shop floor and material dispatch management
  • 8Error free auto data capture through barcode , RFID and SCADA systems
  • 9Bird’s eye view of overall production with Dashboards, KPI reporting
  • 10Provides historical data analysis and reporting for product and process improvements
  • 11Rapid, accurate data collection enables error free data collection and access to real-time business intelligence across all areas of production